Frozen’s “revolutionary” plot points in other Disney films

Last month, Frozen reached yet another milestone, becoming the SIXTH highest grossing film OF ALL TIME. Congrats to the splendid team of cast and crew who revolutionized the Disney canon!

Because the public has never seen a Disney film about sisterly love trumping exterior relationships before!

And Kristoff revolutionized the face of great Disney men who aren’t traditionally prince-like.

Don’t forget Olaf clearly being the most adorable side-kick ever. They let Josh Gad improv a lot of his lines! How brilliant!

(Robin Williams improvised nearly 14 hours worth of material for the Genie. Nbd.)

Hans’s betrayal was the most shocking thing audiences ever witnessed in a Disney film! It’s so dark and convoluted.

Elsa is the first princess (technically, queen) who really doesn’t need a man at all. She fights the patriarchy!

It’s the only film from the Mouse that truly puts emphasis on family.

Anna is so awkward and modern. She’s the most realistic of the princesses to date.


Note: I really love Frozen (as witness by some earlier posts and my tracking of the movie’s production for nearly three years), but don’t discredit the rest of the canon just because Frozen was really (really, really) good. There are a ton of gems people bypass in terms of revolutionizing the types of characters Disney produced (Meet the Robinsons is definitely up there, as is Lilo and Stitch). I fear fans will becomes so entranced by this latest film that nearly 80 years of full-length animated features will fall by the wayside. Remember, there’s nothing new under the sun.


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