Why ‘Moana’ Matters

Disney delivered on its latest princess adventure, and box office sales definitely reflect the public's engagement with the film. Promotional materials promised Moana to be a high-seas adventure for all ages, focusing on a fiercely independent young woman discovering who she was meant to be. The film's cast of incredibly gifted vocal actors brings each … Continue reading Why ‘Moana’ Matters

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Gets Release Date

Looks like December 2018 will have another jolly holiday. Disney announced its Mary Poppins revival will hit theaters Christmas Day 2018. They also released the title: Mary Poppins Returns. Emily Blunt (Devil Wears Prada, Into the Woods) will star as the practically perfect nanny. Lin-Manuel Miranda, star/creator of the Broadway smash hit "Hamilton" and currently … Continue reading ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Gets Release Date

‘Zootopia’ Review

Before seeing Zootopia: Disney, I can relate to bookish princesses, pixelated anti-heroes and even a tiny blue alien experiment. But how on earth can you make me sympathize with a rabbit in a weird cop outfit? After seeing Zootopia: *wiping away tears* Disney, you did the thing. The story begins with Judy Hopps (Once Upon … Continue reading ‘Zootopia’ Review

Disney Princess as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Characters

Because why not have a light saber and a tiara? Rey/ Rapunzel: Both are adventurous and gifted with powers they don't understand. They search for a family bond they've never known. Unconventional tools and fighting skills that make their unassuming persona more threatening.   Poe Dameron/ Mulan: Flawless tactician with the coolest sidekick in the … Continue reading Disney Princess as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Characters

A Holly Jolly Disney Christmas Playlist

'Tis the season for Christmas music! Why not add some pixie dust to your playlist?   This playlist features: Pentatonix's "Let it Go" Idina Menzel's "When You Wish Upon A Star" The Muppets, "One More Sleep 'til Christmas" "As Long as There's Christmas" from Belle's Enchanted Christmas Aly & AJ's "Greatest Time of Year" spotify:user:1211545499:playlist:6M0lYJTB6HRqPe01TWLPcC … Continue reading A Holly Jolly Disney Christmas Playlist

Actresses who would be amazing Disney Princesses

In honor of Lily James looking like an IRL princess of perfection, here are some more fabulous women who would look even better with a tiara: 1) Lupita Nyong'o Covergirl, Oscar-winner, and women's rights activist Lupita Nyong'o thrived in 2014 and shows no signs of stopping in coming years. Her rich voice and versatile acting … Continue reading Actresses who would be amazing Disney Princesses

‘Inside Out’ an emotional rollercoaster

Disney PIXAR's latest film Inside Out offers one of the most heart-wrenching, emotionally charged creations to date. Which I should've expected seeing as the movie is literally about an 11-year-old girl and her emotions. Very little about Inside Out's plot was ever divulged to the public, and writer/director Pete Docter helped keep a majority of … Continue reading ‘Inside Out’ an emotional rollercoaster

Review: A Great Big Beautiful ‘Tomorrowland’

"Man has a dream and that's the start. He follows that dream with mind and heart, and when it becomes a reality, it's a dream come true for you and me!" - Carousel of Progress After two years of PR-hype and mystery, Tomorrowland soared into theaters giving a lack-luster box office performance and receiving mediocre … Continue reading Review: A Great Big Beautiful ‘Tomorrowland’

‘Cinderella’ enchants on opening day; ‘Frozen Fever’ warms the heart

No need to run from the palace here; Cinderella is a real treat. The incomparable Lily James (Downton Abbey's Lady Rose) steals the show as the titular princess, but she is surrounded by excellent company. Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) plays off James's light yet genuine Cinderella as an equally charming and surprisingly developed Prince … Continue reading ‘Cinderella’ enchants on opening day; ‘Frozen Fever’ warms the heart