Festival of Fantasy Parade – The Story

After nearly a decade of planning, preparation, Imagineering and a whole lot of pixie dust, WDW’s the Magic Kingdom debuted its new parade, Festival of Fantasy, last week.

What a fantasy it is. I drooled for nearly 95 percent of the parade. The Peter Pan float got me all choked up (he’s been a long-time personal favorite), but the real stunner of the parade is Maleficent’s float. (How apropos considering we’re less than a month out from seeing Angelina Jolie’s performance as the Sleeping Beauty’s villain in the live-action Maleficent. Nice timing, guys…)


She towers over Guests while she glides down Main Street USA, breathing fire every so often and rightfully instilling the fear of a steampunk god in those who behold her.

Other highlights of FOF include:

Rapunzel’s swinging float:


Merida getting her own float (HUGE considering how popular Frozen has become in recent months. I would’ve guessed last-minute adjustments would’ve been made to the parade. I don’t doubt Elsa and Anna will be getting their own parade segment some time in the very near future…):


There are so many amazing details in FOF that I really should just stop talking so you can watch the parade…

My final thoughts: I’m so jealous of all DCPs who witness and were a part of FOF’s debut, and incredibly proud of everyone who worked on this. IT LOOKS A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN “CELEBRATE A DREAM COME TRUE” PARADE.

Finally, WDW gets an answer to Disneyland’s amazing performances and shows, and it seriously kicks some honey-buns.

What do you think of FOF? Anyone sad that some characters were missing from the floats (I’m looking at you, Pooh fans…)? Sound off by leaving comments. Also, 10 pixie dust points and a pat on the back to those who caught the Mulan reference!

3 thoughts on “Festival of Fantasy Parade – The Story

  1. This just looks so fantastic, sometimes it painful to think of how long it’ll probably be until my next Disney trip. With every new float that came out, I thought “This is my absolute favorite part”, only to have it immediately replaced by the next one. I love that they started with Belle and the Beast (though I wasn’t quite thrilled with the song rendition). But the Tangled float, that was incredible. And the Malificent dragon, as just insanely perfect. And Jiminy’s dance at the end was too cute for words.
    My overall, absolute favorite, at least for this moment) was Merida. I happen to be such a huge fan of her’s, and I’m so thrilled that she got her own float. Merida, you go girl!
    But why can’t I be seeing this, like, today? Urg.

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