Welcome back, partner.

John Lasseter will head back to the Director’s chair in 2017 for TOY STORY 4.

Lasseter, whose last major directing duty was Cars after Toy Story 2, is coming back to add another chapter to the biggest animated franchise in history.

*Collective squeals of excitement.* What could a fourth installment of one of the highest grossing franchises possibly bring to the table?

Lasseter gave very little hints outside of a “new idea” that will “[surpass] what’s gone before.”

John — can I call you John? I feel like a first-name basis is appropriate given your films’ integral roles in my childhood — I’m conflicted. Toy Story 3 ended on such a resolved note. I sobbed, sure, but I know that Woody and Buzz are in Bonnie’s capable hands. What could you possibly have up your Hawaiian-printed sleeves?

Things I’m secretly hoping for:

1) Andy has a kid, and he goes on a mad dash to regain all of his toys for sentimental value. As the movie is coming out in 2017, that would mean Andy’s two years removed from college. It’s a big stretch, I know.

2) Bonnie has to fight against the mean girls in school who make fun of her for playing with “boy toys.” Parallel to that, the toys must fight against the most evil girlie toys ever.

3) Bonnie is best friends with a girl named Mary – who goes by Boo – and Mary tells her all about a secret door in her room. One evening on a play-date, Woody and the gang slip through the door into Monstropolis. (A girl can dream, right?)

The fear for die-hard Pixar fans stems from a not-so-hot Cars 2. Granted, Toy Story films have consistently shown themselves to improve with each movie; they’re practically The Godfather series of animation. But did Andy’s toys hit their zenith with Toy Story 3?

I hope not. Lasseter is known for taking a movie “to infinity and beyond,” so I have full confidence in his genius.

In the meantime, feel free to relive the heart-wrenching goodbyes at the end of Toy Story 3.

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