“Finding Dory” Plot De-Tails

The Pixar announcements just keep swimming, and fans are FINALLY getting some plot details about the mysterious Finding Dory.

Jim Morris, President of Disney-Pixar Studios, said at CCXP (Brazil’s ComicCon) that the film follows Dory, Marlin and Nemo as they venture into the big blue world searching for Dory’s origins and parents.

Morris revealed some new characters audiences can expect to meet in the 2016 film, including an octopus, sea lions and a beluga whale voiced by Ty Burrell (Modern Family). Diane Keaton is slated to voice Dory’s mom, Jenny, and Eugene Levy is set to voice her father, Charlie.

What a family, eh?

There’s no word as to which Finding Nemo favorites will be returning to the sequel, but rumors hint that Gill and Deb will be coming back to aid their friends after escaping those plastic bags at the end of Nemo.

Finding Dory is scheduled to open June 17, 2016.

Who do you want to ‘sea’ back with the gang? Will the seagulls make a triumphant return to claim the movie? Will Dory’s parents share in her short-term memory, making it just as difficult for them to remember her as it is her them? Comment below!

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