“Tomorrowland” Arrived TODAY

It’s HERE. The long-awaited first glimpse of the mysterious Tomorrowland flick with George Clooney dropped a few hours ago.

Someone page Mr. Tom Morrow, because this trailer looks great.

In the teaser, we meet Casey Newton, played by Britt Robertson. Given the cold prison setting in which we find her, I’m assuming she’s a character constantly on the verge of trouble.

As she recollects her belongings from Security, she finds a mysterious pin. (Calling it now: Disney will start selling those pins right before the movie drops and THEY WILL FLY OFF OF SHELVES. Pin Collectors, brace yourselves for Limited-Time Magic prices…)

Also, is it just me or does that logo look eerily familiar…?

Upon touching the (PeopleMover) pin, Casey finds herself transported into the world of Tomorrow, which looks initially looks like an empty field until the second pan outward.

The latter portions of the teaser include a fabulous George Clooney voice-over, inviting Casey (and us) to imagine a place where we could change the world. Pan up and BOOM; we’re treated with the skyline of a glittering Tomorrowland.

Most of the hype surrounding this movie comes from its overdone secrecy. When crews came to Tomorrowland during my CP tenure in T-Land, we were told very little about filming. I saw plenty of extras walking around in 1960’s era garb near Carousel of Progress, so I’m assuming that Walt Disney’s animatronic darling will make a cameo. However, rumors have swirled around the screenplay regarding inventors ranging from Tesla to Edison. (Could Casey’s last name of Newton be a reference to dear Sir Isaac?)

With Brad Bird at the director’s helm AND penning the screenplay, Disney fans know this movie is in capable hands. Given Disney’s not-so-hot record with recent live-action films, Tomorrowland could improve upon Maleficent‘s foundations and restore the studio to its Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – era glory.

And as for the teaser trailer, I’m salivating more than if a Frontierland turkey leg was dangling in front of my face.

Tomorrowland hits theaters May 22, 2015.

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