Top 10 Romantic Disney Moments

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here’s The Disney Life’s list for essential Disney moments. Have the tissues ready.

10. Tony’s Restaurant and Bella Notte – Lady and the Tramp

Tony’s seems like the best first date ever.

9. Can you feel the love tonight? – The Lion King

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Elton John.

8. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

Shalalala, Eric missed his chance, he even did the dance, but he eventually saved the girl…

7. The magic carpet ride – Aladdin

“Do you trust me?” Pfft, yes.

6. Wall-E and EVE

Who knew floating in space via fire extinguisher could be so romantic?

5. The floating lanterns – Tangled

“And the thing is, I’m not scared anymore, you know what I mean?” “I’m starting to.” *swoooon*

4. The ballroom scene – Beauty and the Beast

I just can’t.

3. Ray and Evangeline – Princess and the Frog

(Tears start welling up) He finally got to be with his true love.

2. Paperman short film

This Disney short film debuted before Wreck-It Ralph. As great as Ralph was, it doesn’t trump the simplicity of Paperman.

1. Carl and Ellie’s montage – UP

*Sobbing hysterically*

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