PUSH the Talking Trashcan gets dumped

9 Feb

It’s official: Push the Talking Trashcan will no longer be keeping the streets of Tomorrowland clean.

Tomorrowland Cast Members are reporting a distinct lack in talking blue cans upon arrive to work today.

Tell-A-Casts, informational pamphlets used in assisting Guests, no longer list Push as an event for Tomorrowland. Magic Kingdom times guides also removed the trashcan from appearances.

No word from the company as to when or if Push will return to Tomorrowland.

According to InsidetheMagic, rumors surrounding Push’s fate centered on a contract dispute between Disney entertainment and the man who controls the trashcan.

A Facebook group called “Save PUSH the talking Trash Can” attempted to keep the personality in Tomorrowland, garnering 6,700 likes in a matter of 48 hours.


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