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The Muppets Rock Hall of Presidents

2 Oct

In a country stressed out over politics, leave it to the Muppets to bring smiles to American history.

They’re no Hamilton, but you won’t have to sell a vital organ to see this show. Can we just keep this show? I don’t want to fathom an animatronic Donald Trump in the sacred Hall of Presidents.


A warm welcome back…

24 Aug

…for those of you who made it an entire summer!

I spent my summer roaming about the California mountains, and internet service was essentially nonexistent.

Here’s what I missed blogging about:

    • Moana trailer!
    • Steven Tyler got virtually edited in the Rock N Rollercoaster preshow after 17 YEARS of throwing up “the shocker.”
    • Wreck It Ralph 2
    • Elena of Avalor joined the royal court


I’m headed back to The Most Magical Place on Earth in September. I’ll be sure to blog my yearly Food & Wine Festival recommendations as well as the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party adventures. 🙂

Thanks for your loyal readership!


Disney Springs to Add 30 New Stores

1 Mar

My heart fluttered in happiness; my wallet cried in desperation.

What a leap day! Disney announced 30 new stores coming to Disney Springs. The offerings ranged from clothing, cosmetics, fine jewelry and dining. M-A-C Cosmetics, Sephora, Under Armour, francesca’s, D-Luxe Burger and ALEX AND ANI jewelers were just a few of the new names mentioned.

Several, such as the Coca-Cola Store next to Planet Hollywood, are finishing construction. Others have yet to be built. The additions join a long list of expansions that began in early 2015 — Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar, Morimoto Asia, Edwin Pearl and The Ganachery chocolate store.

For the full list, check out the Disney Parks Blog here!

Looks like there will be something for everyone! What are you most excited to see?

Disney Princess as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Characters

15 Jan

Because why not have a light saber and a tiara?

Rey/ Rapunzel: Both are adventurous and gifted with powers they don’t understand. They search for a family bond they’ve never known. Unconventional tools and fighting skills that make their unassuming persona more threatening. punzie_pan rey


Poe Dameron/ Mulan: Flawless tactician with the coolest sidekick in the movie. They somehow survive despite having an entire army out to kill them.   mulan  poe

Finn/ Ariel: Both long to be where others will understand them and will risk life and limb to accomplish that freedom. Stubborn and somewhat reluctant to have others take control, and ultimately, their love interest saves them in the end.

Kylo Ren/ Elsa: Tempermental and cold-hearted yet sells more merchandise than most other characters combined. Oh, and *SPOILER* they have a penchant for fatally wounding their relatives. (Sorry, I went there.)


R2D2/ Aurora: Classic character who sleeps through most of the movie and only wakes up when absolutely necessary.   r2d2

General Leia Organa/ Pocahontas: Incredible leadership skills with a soft spot for ruggedly handsome, snarky men. pocahontasleia

Chewbacca/ Merida: Ace marksmen who look out for their non-traditional families. Slightly unruly hair and very thick accents. chewy merida

I struggled to find a princess worthy of Han Solo (let’s be real, he’s a princess in his own right). Help me out and leave comments below as to which princess could fill Han Solo’s boot.

Skipper Canteen Review

17 Dec

I stepped into my dream restaurant today. The Skipper Canteen paired the Jungle Cruise with good food (something other than chicken!), and it was a phenomenal experience.  

 I waited five minutes for a table, nearly an hour less than the attraction’s wait time. 

Theming remained similar to the Jungle Cruise style, yet felt distinctive (more than just it being a restaurant). The Skippers had new sets of jokes, and I learned everything can be made funnier by saying “am I right” at the end of everything, am I right? 

That was hilarious, I know. 

The menu’s offerings were inspired by African, Asian and South American flavors. I had the S.E.A. Shu Mai dumplings.  

 My roommate Erin had the arepas.  

 But seriously, look at this FOOD. The dumplings were sweet, and the soy had a bit of a kick to complement the sweet well. 

We both had the signature drinks. I had the Punchline Punch, and Erin had the Schweitzer Slush. The only thing missing was the souvenir glass; Trader Sam was behind on his route.  

For dessert, we had the Kungaloosh!, a dark chocolate cake with caramel coffee ice cream and a slice of banana.  

This is one restaurant I’ll be visiting just as much as the attraction itself. The list of things I loved could go on for niles and niles and niles. Am I right? 

Christmas Parade Filming

12 Nov

Twelve of the last 36 hours of my life were spent at the Magic Kingdom. I regret nothing because I’m going to be on TV. (Well, probably. Maybe.)

This week is filming week for the Disney Christmas Celebration, formerly known as the Disney Christmas Day parade. For the first time ever, WDW’s filming is in early November. Disneyland’s filming is still scheduled for early December and will no doubt include a huge spectacle regarding Disneyland’s 60th anniversary spectacular.

I remember explaining to a number of Guests during my first CP that the parade wasn’t filmed live and that it couldn’t be filmed live due to simple logistics. So what does filming really entail?

I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and met up with friends at 5:40 in order to get to Magic Kingdom’s gates by 6:30 a.m. My tickets were for 7 a.m., and I wasn’t about to miss my chance at being right next to that castle stage. Once we went through the gates, we were gradually let toward Cinderella’s castle, glistening with lights and a stage filled with art-deco-inspired trees. I had no idea who was performing until someone in the herd of bodies looked it up: Reba, Seal, and Tori Kelley. (Seal?! Heck yeah, I picked the right day!) There was about an hour between each performer, and after the performances, the production team shot the crowd reactions.

Tips for filming:

  • Bring water and snacks! You’ll be outside in the heat for hours on end. It is, after all, Orlando, where 90 degrees in November isn’t surprising. Once you have your spot, you won’t want to leave (especially if you’re like me and snagged one really close to the stage). Snacks help keep blood sugar in check; you don’t want to be remembered as that guy who fainted in front of Ariana Grande.
  • Anticipate crowds. While the crowds won’t be New Years Eve level insane, it will be especially congested in filming areas like the Hub and Main Street. You will bump shoulders with other people. You will be surrounded by strangers. Hang in there, introverts. It’s worth it.
  • Hydrate or die-drate. Please drink water. A nice cold Coke seems tempting, but when you’re sweating water and not sugar, Coke will dehydrate you more. There are new water fountains along Main Street and near the Castle stage. Don’t be afraid to have someone save your spot while you grab a drink. And definitely don’t wait until you feel like you’re about to pass out until you grab some H2O.
  • Be festive! It’s Christmas AKA the best holiday EVER. Be merry! Be bright! Don’t let the haters judge you for celebrating Christmas a little early. Come Christmas morning, you’ll be on TV as a festive gem in a nationally-televised program and everyone else will wish they were as cool as you.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar review

24 Sep

At last, more blue construction walls came down Tuesday morning to publicly reveal Disney Springs’s latest watering hole — Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

 Guests and cast members alike could catch glimpses of the Indiana Jones-inspired bar throughout its construction. Last week, CMs got a small taste of the Hangar Bar’s fare at a cast preview. I was impressed by the preview showing.

 Knowledgable opening cast members added to nearly every storytelling element, pointing out Jock’s prized possessions and even offering a timeline of events for Jock and the bar’s histories.

Tuesday’s grand opening did not disappoint. While the building itself seems smaller than its exterior implies, the themed patio space makes up for it.

The food menu’s variety caters to nearly any pallete. Everything is themed (obviously).  I chuckled when I got to “Squid? Why did it have to be squid?” as the kalamari option.  A friend and I split the Snack of Ra, an African-based sampler plate of dips with naan crisps.

But the drinks are the real showstoppers. I had the Reggie’s Revenge, a drink named after Jock’s snake Reggie. The gorgeous lime green color only added to its appeal.

The taste was refreshing, like a lime Gatorade with extra kick. Plus, I got a souvenir stirrer complete with a little Reggie to adopt. The German Mechanic is also delicious. German pale ales mixed with tart lemonade tasted surprisingly light.

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a good family-friendly bar with excellent drink options, check out Jock’s. Seriously, go. But be careful not confuse a poison dart arrow with a stirrer.