Review of the “Frozen” Soundtrack

At the time I write this post, the Frozen soundtrack has been available for purchase some 11 hours and 45 minutes. In that time, I’ve purchased the deluxe edition, complete with demo recordings of songs, karaoke versions of “Let it Go,” and the orchestrations, and I HAVE LISTENED TO EVERYTHING.

So I don’t spoil the soundtrack for everyone, I’ll just briefly mention some of the highlights and themes:

– The opening number and orchestrations have a distinctly Nordic feel. “Frozen Heart” as an opening song reminds me of “Fathoms Below” from The Little Mermaid. It both sets the movie and preps the subsequent score.

– THERE IS NO LOVE BALLAD. Initially, I didn’t know how I felt about this. There isn’t a single love ballad on the soundtrack. “BUT LOVE BALLADS ARE DISTINCTLY DISNEY!!!” you cry. To some extent, yes, traditional princess movies have always had that love ballad because they’ve centered on a romantic relationship. Just imagine the volumes that speaks to the film that they didn’t include a love ballad. Sure, there are two cutesy, up-beat songs between Anna and Hans and another with the ensemble cast regarding Kristoff, but that’s it. It’s refreshing to finally see a princess movie come out of the Walt Disney Animation Studios NOT about romance. Frozen will truly be something completely new.

– Jonathan Groff gets one 50 second song on the entire album. I’m quite depressed about that.

– JOSH GAD. You’re adorable and amazing and your performance of Olaf’s “In Summer” will be hilarious to see.

– “Fixer Upper” might make one of the most profound statements of any Disney “love song” in recent years… Or ever. When you have that one person who understands you better than anyone, who loves you for you, you shouldn’t care about their appearances or trying to fix their quirks. Such a change of pace for Disney. Me gusta.

– Thematically, “Let it Go” will be underlying current for the movie. It’s serving in the same capacity “Part of Your World” did in The Little Mermaid or “Circle of Life” in The Lion King. No complaints here. It’s artfully woven throughout the score.

– As if Idina Menzel couldn’t get any more perfect… And I was pleasantly surprised by Kristen Bell’s voice.

– All of the songs are really friggin high. Elsa might have the widest range of any Disney princess in history. As an alto, trying to sing along with the karaoke versions of the songs is a joke… Sigh. I’ll just stick to belting out “Part of Your World” in the shower…

– There isn’t a villains song. No “Be Prepared,” “Mother Knows Best,” or anything like that. Who will come out of left field as the villain? Should the villain have a song? Do they need it? Would it detract from the central conflict between the two sisters to have a third party enter the game? I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday…

Frozen hits theaters on Wednesday, Nov. 27. Rotten Tomatoes currently lists the film at 91 percent out of 100 after the first wave of critics reviews. Will you be going to see the film this holiday week?

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