Disney’s First Latina Princess

The first Latina princess is joining Disney Junior in Sophia the First before getting her own animated series.

Courtesy of Disney

Bienvenido a Disney, Elena! The rest of the Disney fandom collectively says “It’s about time!”

Elena of Avalor would be the first time an animated princess gets a show prior to her own film. Elena is a 16-year-old who was imprisoned in the amulet Sophia wears in the show.

A logical plot for either her TV show or a movie would be how she got trapped in the necklace. Could the series document her life in Avalor/adventures in returning to her kingdom a la Rapunzel to her parents?

It’s clearly too early to tell what Disney will do with this new concept, especially with a distinct gender-neutral focus on films/shows after the success of princess movies.

And for all those fans who thought Sophia was the first Latina princess… apparently we were mistaken. Disney reps have confirmed Elena holds the title, not the ambiguously-ethnic Sophia.

Elena will make her debut in 2016, and a series will hopefully follow shortly after.

What do you think of Elena joining the ranks of princesses? How do you think she’ll compete with Moana’s movie due around the same time? Sound off the comments below!

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