‘Zootopia’ Review

Before seeing Zootopia: Disney, I can relate to bookish princesses, pixelated anti-heroes and even a tiny blue alien experiment. But how on earth can you make me sympathize with a rabbit in a weird cop outfit? After seeing Zootopia: *wiping away tears* Disney, you did the thing. The story begins with Judy Hopps (Once Upon … Continue reading ‘Zootopia’ Review

Review: A Great Big Beautiful ‘Tomorrowland’

"Man has a dream and that's the start. He follows that dream with mind and heart, and when it becomes a reality, it's a dream come true for you and me!" - Carousel of Progress After two years of PR-hype and mystery, Tomorrowland soared into theaters giving a lack-luster box office performance and receiving mediocre … Continue reading Review: A Great Big Beautiful ‘Tomorrowland’

Live-action ‘Winnie the Pooh’ announced, gets writer

No, this isn't an extended April Fool's Day joke. I wish it was. Deadline reported early this morning that Winnie the Pooh is set to be the next live-action feature film from Disney. Alex Ross Perry, writer-director for Listen Up Philip, is set to pen the script based on A. A. Milnes's classic. UGH. I … Continue reading Live-action ‘Winnie the Pooh’ announced, gets writer

“Tomorrowland” Arrived TODAY

It's HERE. The long-awaited first glimpse of the mysterious Tomorrowland flick with George Clooney dropped a few hours ago. Someone page Mr. Tom Morrow, because this trailer looks great. In the teaser, we meet Casey Newton, played by Britt Robertson. Given the cold prison setting in which we find her, I'm assuming she's a character … Continue reading “Tomorrowland” Arrived TODAY

All Things “FROZEN”

As it finally starts cooling down here in Orlando, the widely-anticipated FROZEN premier date draws nearer (okay, it’s widely anticipated if you’re me who has been anticipating this movie for nearly two years…).Anna and Elsa dresses are now sold in the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique and in several merchandise locals throughout the parks. New clips keep … Continue reading All Things “FROZEN”

Bye, Bye, Bruckheimer

The Walt Disney Company and director/producer Jerry Bruckheimer are parting ways after nearly 20 years of collaboration.Best known for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Bruckheimer worked with the studios for 27 feature films, including National Treasure, Con Air, and Armageddon (Disneyland Paris still has a simulation attraction based on the film).The move comes after … Continue reading Bye, Bye, Bruckheimer