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Disney Princess as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Characters

15 Jan

Because why not have a light saber and a tiara?

Rey/ Rapunzel: Both are adventurous and gifted with powers they don’t understand. They search for a family bond they’ve never known. Unconventional tools and fighting skills that make their unassuming persona more threatening. punzie_pan rey


Poe Dameron/ Mulan: Flawless tactician with the coolest sidekick in the movie. They somehow survive despite having an entire army out to kill them.   mulan  poe

Finn/ Ariel: Both long to be where others will understand them and will risk life and limb to accomplish that freedom. Stubborn and somewhat reluctant to have others take control, and ultimately, their love interest saves them in the end.

Kylo Ren/ Elsa: Tempermental and cold-hearted yet sells more merchandise than most other characters combined. Oh, and *SPOILER* they have a penchant for fatally wounding their relatives. (Sorry, I went there.)


R2D2/ Aurora: Classic character who sleeps through most of the movie and only wakes up when absolutely necessary.   r2d2

General Leia Organa/ Pocahontas: Incredible leadership skills with a soft spot for ruggedly handsome, snarky men. pocahontasleia

Chewbacca/ Merida: Ace marksmen who look out for their non-traditional families. Slightly unruly hair and very thick accents. chewy merida

I struggled to find a princess worthy of Han Solo (let’s be real, he’s a princess in his own right). Help me out and leave comments below as to which princess could fill Han Solo’s boot.


Disney Christmas Parade Review – A “Frozen” disaster?

25 Dec

Let me preface this by saying I really REALLY love Frozen (as the Elsa costume hanging in my closet might indicate).

Naturally, when I heard Disney’s yearly Christmas parade would be Frozen-themed, I squeed with delight while bracing for a barrage of whines from nay-sayers and purists who lament the snowball of millions of dollars padding Disney’s pockets. And so, as I sat in front of the TV, I was so excited to see a twist to the classic Disney parade.

That’s not what I got. At all.

After two hours of garbled Ariana Grande juxtaposed with touching reunion blips, the “parade” left me thinking, “What happened?”

Sure, it’s great to see Disney showing off their newer properties. Lucy Hale’s “country-fied” performance fit detail shots of Radiator Springs nicely. Aulani looks STUNNING; not even Disney Channel starlet Laura Marano could ruin the views. (A huge missed opportunity, however, was Samantha Brown’s segments of new and exciting things from the Company. Adventures by Disney could have been showcased extensively in a two-minute segment, but it was reduced to a 30-second commercial.)

However, sparkly close-up shots couldn’t fill the gaping hole in my heart from the lack of Main Street footage. What parade? The “celebration” was an amalgam of performances loosely pieced together with awkward segues (looking at you, Tim Tebow), a handful of floats, and *maybe* a glimpse of a character whose name isn’t Anna, Elsa, or Olaf. Plus, anyone who’s ever been to Magic Kingdom will notice Festival of Fantasy and MISICI floats were poorly converted to Christmas-themed pieces. Clearly, a majority of the budget when to Anna and Elsa’s floats and those 1997-era special effects at the end.

Seriously, guys, Santa is the big reveal at the end.

Why change an excellent structure for one film? It makes no sense to piece together these featurettes with Frozen when it cannot be duplicated another year. Producers could’ve just as easily added Anna and Elsa’s float into the usual parade route, kept the performances (maybe cut Trisha Yearwood’s songs to two instead of three?), and done the traditional commentary from the Main Street hub.

Dancers in Anaheim’s Disneyland Christmas parade. Can we have a bit more of this please?

We get it. Frozen was the biggest box office hit for an animated film ever. It won an Oscar it rightfully deserved. Every parent of a 5-year-old kid has a video of them belting “Let it Go.” Again, WE GET IT.

But what happens next year when Frozen fever melts away and you’re left with an awkward production structure? What movie is going to fill that gap? If this is a new precedent for future Disney Christmas celebrations, it’s a dangerous format to follow.

Hopefully, this was a one-time thing. (Please be a one-time thing.)

FROZEN Heats Up Box Office: The Review

28 Nov

Words fail me when I attempt to express how much I loved Frozen.

But let’s give this review a shot (unless I combust into happy/overwhelmed tears while writing this)…

Frozen is one of the best Disney films within the last decade. Recent years have seen an upswing in animation quality and production in Disney films, and I have no problem with saying Frozen is the finest product of this “return to the golden era” thus far.

Yup, that’s right. I said it. Frozen is better than Tangled. Sorry, not sorry.

One knowledgeable of the Disney studios might be a little hesitant about the film; it lacks some of Disney’s super-star players in the production. No Glen Keane. No Alan Menken or Randy Newman. Drop your fears at the theater door. Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Ralph) and Chris Buck (Tarzan) did an amazing job. And with John Lasseter executive producing the film, this movie is in excellent hands.

The screen time between the sisters was balanced and the story was written in a way to make both female leads completely relatable. Kristen Bell’s comedic timing and vocal performance during the songs pleasantly surprised me. I knew she was talented, but her role as Anna blew me away. Idina Menzel’s Elsa was flawless and perfect (go figure), and Elsa is easily one of the most powerful characters Menzel has ever been.

Jonathan Groff’s Kristoff won over my heart. In an era of pretty-boy leads (I’m lookin’ at you, Flynn Rider), it was refreshing to see a character so “average” by Disney animation standards become a bit of a hero.

And can we just talk about the real winner among the vocal cast? JOSH GAD, YOU ADORABLE THING YOU. I feared Olaf might be overbearing or annoying (in a Jar-Jar Binks sort of way) but he was the right balance of comedy and concern.

Ultimately, the true selling point of the whole film was the story itself. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck managed to convert a “princess movie” fairytale into something so much more than an adventurous romance. Scenes with Anna and Elsa caused me to reflect on my own relationship with my little sister. Flipping the traditional meaning of “true love” for something much more real was one of the most refreshing things I’ve seen from the Disney studios in a very long time.

Visually, the movie was stunning. For the haters of CGI: GET OVER YOURSELVES. The “Let it Go” scene just replaced the floating lanterns in Tangled as my second Most Beautiful Disney Moment (sorry, Frozen. You just can’t top the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast). I breathlessly watched the intricate snow and ice the entire movie. So gorgeous.

My only concern with the entire film was that it felt too short in some places. There were plenty of places throughout the film that I would’ve loved further explanation. Give me more time with Anna and Elsa as kids. More time seeing Elsa struggle with her powers. How did Kristoff get to the trolls as a kid? (Also, can Jonathan Groff have more of a song? And by “song,” I mean something longer than 50 seconds…)

MORAL OF THIS REVIEW: Well, I somehow managed to write this while listening to the soundtrack and not cry! Yay! I do, however, want to see this movie at least three more times while clutching the Sven stuffed plush sold at World of Disney… Do yourselves a favor and GO SEE FROZEN.


What are you still doing reading this?! GO. JUST GO.  “FROZEN” hit theaters today, Nov. 27. It is the 53rd animated feature from Walt Disney Studios.


18 Oct

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my newsfeed to find Idina Menzel’s Facebook page posted this beauty. A NEW FROZEN TRAILER. Finally, WE GET MORE OF ELSA. Unlike the first trailer, this new one develops the internal struggle Elsa will deal with through the course of the movie. The movie doesn’t come out until next month and I already know I’m going to love both Anna and Elsa. (What is it with Menzel playing the misunderstood character? First Elphaba, now Elsa. Not like I’m complaining.)

It also features ANOTHER original song, sung by Kristen Bell. Is that some of Idina’s amazing voice I hear in the harmony? I think so!

And I still laughed at Olaf’s baby unicorn comment. Yup, he’ll be a really good supporting character.

Frozen merchandise is already being sold at the parks, especially Magic Kingdom. Facial characters will be greeting guests starting early next month. It’s getting hard to contain my excitement.