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A Disney College Program How-To: The Phone Interview

26 Aug

Congratulations! You made it through the trenches where most dreams die — the web-based interview! However, you’re not out of the woods yet. I’ve met plenty of CP hopefuls who confidently got to the phone interview and had it all fall apart because they weren’t prepared.

This is the first and only time in your application process where a human will talk to you. Keep that in mind. This is the ONLY time you have to express exactly why you want to be part of this program, why Disney means a lot to you, why you deserve to be working for Mickey Mouse. You get one shot. Make it count.

The DCP website keeps a few questions online to ask potential candidates. “Why do you want to work for Disney?” “What do you think you can bring to the program? Why?” “How do you hope this program will impact your future?” Those questions are just a taste of what an interviewer could ask you.

Know the roles. Disney will consider you for ANY (and I mean ANY) role in which you showed interest. For example, I put a 1 (low interest) for parking/transit, but I hate driving. My interviewer asked if I would be comfortable with my list of interests, and I asked her to remove parking from my selections. She said that’s fine, and I continued my interview with four choices: Photopass, Attractions, Merchandise, and Character Attendant. Read over the role descriptions before your interview and MAKE SURE you’re okay with anything listed under each description.

Here are some need-to-know tips for a great phone interview:

Be prepared. Those questions Disney posts online? Yeah, they actually ask you those verbatim. I scribbled out each answer I had to the three questions and read those answers back to my interviewer. She didn’t see the notepad on my lap during the interview, but she probably noticed I’d thought a lot about why I wanted to work for the company.

Smile. Seriously. Smiling will keep you upbeat and in a pretty good mood throughout what can be a stressful interview. Also, I can pretty much guarantee the interviewer on the other end of the line will be smiling just as much as you. With both phone interviews in two programs, I’ve left my interviews feeling confident and happy rather than petrified and nervous. That’s largely because my interviewer was genuinely rooting for me and I could smile throughout the process.

They’re rooting for you. Recruiters know how incredible a program DCP is. They want as many students as possible to experience it. They want you to succeed. Don’t ever feel like they’re out to get you with a trick question. If you don’t understand a question, as your interviewer for further explanation.

Dress to impress. No, the person on the other end won’t see you. You should still treat this opportunity like a business venture and dress in something you’d wear to an in-person interview. Dress in a way that makes you comfortable and confident. I’ve had people swear they’ve worn pajamas to the phone interview and made it. Congrats to them that unprofessionalism bade well for once. I hope they never brag about that to any other employers, as that’s just a really sad accomplishment. You might as well start practicing professionalism now. “The Disney Look” is definitely something you can get a head start on before your DCP begins.

Be personal. Be the best you that you can be. Disney is looking for individuals rather than carbon copies of Mickey Mouse. They want types of people for certain roles, sure, but they want people whose different backgrounds and experiences can contribute to a diverse and thriving work location. Don’t give answers you’d think Walt would love to hear. Give answers you’re comfortable with and honest about. If you’re truly meant to work for Disney, then your answers will align with what the Company looks for in applicants.


What Your Favorite Attraction Says About You

20 Dec

We all have them, those rides and shows at the Disney parks that you just cannot miss. You might even visit the attraction twice (or three or four times) in one outing, and you consider neglecting parades and fireworks just to get a shorter wait time. Here’s what your favorite WDW attraction says about you:

Haunted Mansion: You’re a fan of dark humor. You enjoy Tim Burton films and would love if Danny Elfman composed the score to your life.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: You’re a D23er, DVC member, annual passholder or any combination thereof. You really, REALLY love classic Disney trivia, and you have no problem proudly displaying your knowledge like the countless limited-edition pins hanging around your neck.

Splash Mountain: You like to have a good time, but let’s not get too crazy. You’re adventurous, but you like to keep the adventure contained. One 50-foot drop is enough for you, and Brer Rabbit’s story is one you really enjoy.

Toy Story Midway Mania: You thrive off competition. You enjoy competition so much that you’re comfortable waiting 75-80 minutes in the queue. If you snagged Fastpasses for Midway, you probably got to Hollywood Studios at park opening, ran to Fastpass distribution, and competed with hundreds of other people in line to snag a coveted Midway Fastpass. The person you ride with suddenly goes from friend to foe as soon as you tug on your machine. Easy there, tiger.

Jungle Cruise: You read the jokes off of Laffy Taffy wrappers and laugh. You’re snarky, sarcastic, and quick-witted. You take very little seriously and look for opportunities for puns wherever you can.

Rock and Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith: You live life in the fast lane and love a good party. You listen to 1980s hair metal and have more than one vintage t-shirt in your suitcase.

Mission Space: Orange: You have a strong stomach. You’re the one who has no fears about life. I applaud your strength.

Mission Space: Green: You’re friends with the Orange riders, but you opted out for the safer choice. You’re the level-headed one amongst friends. You go along with the crowd but only up to a certain point.

It’s a Small World: You have newborn children who need naps, you’re retired, or you’re a glutton for punishment.

DINOSAUR: You were the kid who had mounds of plastic dinosaurs littering your bedroom floor. There’s nothing wrong with delving into your nerdy side.

Harry Potter World: You’re the Guest who has no clue they’re at a Disney park or that Disney DOES NOT OWN Harry Potter anything… It’s okay. You can always take TTA back to your resort after looking for Expedition Everest in Magic Kingdom. What time is that 3 o’clock parade, again?


I know I forgot a lot of attractions, so mention more in the comments below! And, just in case you were wondering, I’m a combo R&R/Jungle Cruise type of gal. Ugh, love me some Jungle Cruise…


Have a Haunted Halloween! – Fun Facts about Disney’s Haunted Mansion

31 Oct


Welcome, foolish mortals, to this blog post dedicated to a staple attraction at every Disney park. In the spirit of Halloween, here are some rarely known, bone-chilling facts about the attraction.

1) Haunted Mansion’s backstory is the most complex of any attraction backstory in ANY Disney park.

2) Ever wonder what the Ghost Host looks like? There’s a portrait of him hanging in the knocking doors hallway.

Just in case the corpse swinging from the noose in the Stretching Room wasn’t enough for you…

3) There’s this hidden Mickey you probably never noticed in the graveyard scene.

And there’s also one on the table during the ballroom scene.

4) The Haunted Mansion (or Phantom Manor) at Disneyland Paris was designed to be the scariest variation of the attraction.

It also has the most variation from the original. The premise being a young bride’s father murdered her fiancé, only to have her father mysteriously disappear in a tragic accident. Overwhelmed by grief, the bride believes her fiancé will somehow return and is consequently haunted by a menacing demonic spirit.

And I speak from experience when I say it is a million times darker and scarier than its WDW companion.

5) Who is Master Gracey? Is he the same as the Ghost Host?

Nope, not quite. However, the name was taken from Imagineer Yale Gracey who was a lead designer of the “spectral effects” for the original Haunted Mansion.

6) Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is already prepped for Christmas!

Well, Haunted Mansion Holidays that is…

7) Your doom-buggy’s backwards fall out of the attic supposedly symbolizes your inability to handle what you’ve witnessed thus far, so you jump out of the attic to your death.

Which also explains why the ghouls are suddenly so happy to see you in the graveyard scene, and might be why the groundskeeper’s dog is so scared of you.

8) Haunted Mansion CMs and Tower of Terror CMs are the ONLY Cast Members instructed not to smile on the job.

9) The newest Haunted Mansion, known as Mystic Manor, in Hong Kong Disneyland opened spring 2013 and uses Danny Elfman-produced score and trackless system.

So friggin cool.

10) In the WDW version’s pet cemetery, there is a headstone to Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, an attraction that closed in 1998.

11) Ever wonder how the stretching room works? At Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, guests step inside a carefully concealed OTIS elevator. At WDW and Tokyo Disneyland, the ceiling itself stretches as guests are already located on the base floor of the attraction.

12) Want to get to the front of the queue after the stretching room? Head for the pink lady’s portrait. That’s always the wall that will open, regardless of which room you enter. (This only works at the WDW version)

13) The organ found in the Disneyland version’s ballroom scene is an actual prop from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. All other HM’s organs are direct replicas of that one organ.


Happy Halloween! “Hurry baaaacckkk…. We’ve been dying to have you.” What’s your favorite part of the Haunted Mansion? Comment below!