‘Lights, Motors, Action!’ Last Ride Set for Spring

Amid countless expansion announcements, Disney manages to subtly sneak in the closures. The most recent officially dropped a couple of hours ago, as Lights, Motors, Action! will run its final show on April 2, 2016, according to the Disney Parks Blog. The show will run its shows normally until its closing date. Lights, Motors, Action opened … Continue reading ‘Lights, Motors, Action!’ Last Ride Set for Spring

Scariest Disney Attractions

Since I've started at Stitch's Great Escape!, there's no telling how many small children and parents I've escorted out of the chamber right before the show starts. The show could be set to begin and suddenly, up pops little Johnny who makes a bee-line for the door. He's followed by his exasperated mom who asks … Continue reading Scariest Disney Attractions