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‘Lights, Motors, Action!’ Last Ride Set for Spring

15 Jan

Amid countless expansion announcements, Disney manages to subtly sneak in the closures.

The most recent officially dropped a couple of hours ago, as Lights, Motors, Action! will run its final show on April 2, 2016, according to the Disney Parks Blog. The show will run its shows normally until its closing date.

Lights, Motors, Action opened in May 2005 and gave Guests a behind-the-scenes look into how some of their favorite car chases were created. The show refurbished itself slightly to include characters like Mater the Tow Truck and Lightning McQueen from the Cars series.

The LMA area will be restructured into the massive, sprawling Star Wars Land, set to open within the next two years.

Can’t make it down to Hollywood Studios before April? That’s okay. I reposted the full show above.

Still no word as to what specifically will happen to the Indiana Jones Extreme Stunt Spectacular or Muppets 3-D Vision. My guess: Muppets will be relocated elsewhere, especially given the small rebirth in popularity the Muppets are experiencing. Indiana Jones? That could go either way. The show is a key staple at Studios, bringing in decent-sized crowds even in the off-season. However, the series’s popularity took a slight nosedive after the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Video credits to Sharp Productions, who always manages to have the best WDW ride videos.


Disney Princess as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Characters

15 Jan

Because why not have a light saber and a tiara?

Rey/ Rapunzel: Both are adventurous and gifted with powers they don’t understand. They search for a family bond they’ve never known. Unconventional tools and fighting skills that make their unassuming persona more threatening. punzie_pan rey


Poe Dameron/ Mulan: Flawless tactician with the coolest sidekick in the movie. They somehow survive despite having an entire army out to kill them.   mulan  poe

Finn/ Ariel: Both long to be where others will understand them and will risk life and limb to accomplish that freedom. Stubborn and somewhat reluctant to have others take control, and ultimately, their love interest saves them in the end.

Kylo Ren/ Elsa: Tempermental and cold-hearted yet sells more merchandise than most other characters combined. Oh, and *SPOILER* they have a penchant for fatally wounding their relatives. (Sorry, I went there.)


R2D2/ Aurora: Classic character who sleeps through most of the movie and only wakes up when absolutely necessary.   r2d2

General Leia Organa/ Pocahontas: Incredible leadership skills with a soft spot for ruggedly handsome, snarky men. pocahontasleia

Chewbacca/ Merida: Ace marksmen who look out for their non-traditional families. Slightly unruly hair and very thick accents. chewy merida

I struggled to find a princess worthy of Han Solo (let’s be real, he’s a princess in his own right). Help me out and leave comments below as to which princess could fill Han Solo’s boot.