Skipper Canteen Review

I stepped into my dream restaurant today. The Skipper Canteen paired the Jungle Cruise with good food (something other than chicken!), and it was a phenomenal experience.  

 I waited five minutes for a table, nearly an hour less than the attraction’s wait time. 

Theming remained similar to the Jungle Cruise style, yet felt distinctive (more than just it being a restaurant). The Skippers had new sets of jokes, and I learned everything can be made funnier by saying “am I right” at the end of everything, am I right? 

That was hilarious, I know. 

The menu’s offerings were inspired by African, Asian and South American flavors. I had the S.E.A. Shu Mai dumplings.  

 My roommate Erin had the arepas.  

 But seriously, look at this FOOD. The dumplings were sweet, and the soy had a bit of a kick to complement the sweet well. 

We both had the signature drinks. I had the Punchline Punch, and Erin had the Schweitzer Slush. The only thing missing was the souvenir glass; Trader Sam was behind on his route.  

For dessert, we had the Kungaloosh!, a dark chocolate cake with caramel coffee ice cream and a slice of banana.  

This is one restaurant I’ll be visiting just as much as the attraction itself. The list of things I loved could go on for niles and niles and niles. Am I right? 

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