Disney Springs Updates

The newly christened Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) continues to impress Guests with new shopping, entertainment and dining options. The announcements come about once a week now, especially as construction finishes even faster than expected. Here’s a listing of the major updates within the area to be completed by December 2016:

Frontera Fresco: Chicago-based chef Rick Bayless is bringing his mid-Western TexMex to Disney Springs by Summer 2016, according to the latest announcement by Disney. 

Walk-up windows will aid in traditional table service to provide more options for Guests’ dining experiences. Bayless currently owns and operates three Frescos in the Chicago area.

-CHOCOLATE: Apparently Ghiradelli simply isn’t enough. The Ganachery will boast hand-blended chocolates made onstage and is set to open late this year in the Landing area.

-Steak, steak, steak: Construction on the STK Steakhouse is coming along swiftly. The roomy restaurant will be immediately over the Planet Hollywood bridge and boast the finest steak meals on property. It’s set to finish construction later this year.

– Even more that remains mythical: I’ve heard rumors of three spaces that absolutely blow my mind.

  1. Walt’s – This restaurant takes its inspiration from Walt Disney himself, and the menu contains some of Walt and Lillian’s favorite recipes. The space currently exists in Disneyland Paris where it’s a success with Guests. If Imagineers decide to maintain continuity between parks, expect Walt’s to include lush furnishings similar to that of a turn-of-the-century parlor. Walt’s would fit in perfectly with the Springs’s reimagined aesthetic, so I’m assuming what I’ve heard of its concept is true.
  2. The Edison – This restaurant and bar became confirmed this summer; however, construction updates aren’t always available on the space and few people know about it. LA-based Patina Restaurant Group will operate the Edison, an eatery that includes themed rooms like “The Tesla Lounge,” “The Radio Room” and “The Patent Office.”  But don’t expect this to be as family friendly as the themed rooms of Rainforest Cafe. The Edison in Los Angeles includes a burlesque show. Edison caters to a much older crowd in both environment and menu, so plan on leaving the kids with a babysitter.
  3. The Neverland – Brace yourselves for this one. Underneath both Walt’s and Edison’s shared space, there’s legend of a traditional speakeasy called the Neverland. Yes, that’s right. The 1920s meets Peter Pan. I’ll give you a minute to compose yourself. It’s rumored to only have two entrances –one door in both Walt’s and Edison’s only. I have no clue what planning looks like for this, but I’m hoping Imagineers sprinkle extra pixie dust in their designs because this concept has the potential to be the most buzzed-about addition to Disney Springs ever.

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