Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar review

At last, more blue construction walls came down Tuesday morning to publicly reveal Disney Springs’s latest watering hole — Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

 Guests and cast members alike could catch glimpses of the Indiana Jones-inspired bar throughout its construction. Last week, CMs got a small taste of the Hangar Bar’s fare at a cast preview. I was impressed by the preview showing.

 Knowledgable opening cast members added to nearly every storytelling element, pointing out Jock’s prized possessions and even offering a timeline of events for Jock and the bar’s histories.

Tuesday’s grand opening did not disappoint. While the building itself seems smaller than its exterior implies, the themed patio space makes up for it.

The food menu’s variety caters to nearly any pallete. Everything is themed (obviously).  I chuckled when I got to “Squid? Why did it have to be squid?” as the kalamari option.  A friend and I split the Snack of Ra, an African-based sampler plate of dips with naan crisps.

But the drinks are the real showstoppers. I had the Reggie’s Revenge, a drink named after Jock’s snake Reggie. The gorgeous lime green color only added to its appeal.

The taste was refreshing, like a lime Gatorade with extra kick. Plus, I got a souvenir stirrer complete with a little Reggie to adopt. The German Mechanic is also delicious. German pale ales mixed with tart lemonade tasted surprisingly light.

Final verdict: If you’re looking for a good family-friendly bar with excellent drink options, check out Jock’s. Seriously, go. But be careful not confuse a poison dart arrow with a stirrer.

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