First glimpse of “Frozen Fever”

Brace yourselves: Frozen pandemonium is about to resurge.

Yesterday, Disney debuted a 30 second teaser of Frozen Fever, a short film to play before the March 13 release of Disney’s live-action Cinderella.

The short chronicles Elsa’s attempt at making Anna’s birthday special, despite suffering a massive cold. Favorite characters like Sven, Olaf and Kristoff will join in the festivities, and the Anderson-Lopez team is including a brand new song (the undercurrents of which can be heard throughout the teaser).

The Company also released a new line of clothes, dolls and accessories to accompany the short film. For all interested parents parties, nothing has sold out *yet*, but as with all Frozen merchandise, don’t expect these to stay in-stock long.

Frozen Fever will premiere March 13 along with Cinderella.

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