Will Push the Talking Trashcan get the clean sweep out of Tomorrowland?

Photo Courtesy of adisneymomsthoughts.com

Fans of
Fans of Push, WDW Tomorrowland’s finest talking trashcan, might not see the receptacle roam around for much longer.

Push, who has done everything from facilitate proposals to sing karaoke with Guests, became a staple for each Disney park, beginning with Walt Disney World in 1995 and making his way to international stardom.

Rumors surrounding Push’s fate center on a potential contract dispute between Disney entertainment and the man who controls Push, according to InsidetheMagic.

A Facebook group called “Save PUSH the talking Trash Can” sprung up overnight, currently at 3,000 members and growing. There was initial speculation on the page as to the site’s legitimacy and verity of Push’s possible disappearance.

However, the page encourages Guests and Cast Members to post pictures of themselves with the trashcan wonder, adding #SavePUSH to garner more support.

Let’s hope Disney can settle this dispute quickly and save Push from ending up in the garbage himself.

Not familiar with Push? Check out the videos below for a glimpse of Push’s greatest moments.

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