You Might Be a CP…

It’s been a whole month since the last blog post. I’ve had plenty of time for introspection now that my college program has come to an end. Though I’ve been home nearly two weeks, it feels like I’m taking an extended vacation. Any moment now, I’ll get on The Hub for next week’s schedule and be back in my Commons apartment. However, I know (deep deep deeeeeeeeep down) I’m not going back for a while.

This post is for all CPs, past and present.

If you feared the Vista Way swimming pools and hot tubs more than termination, you might be a CP.

Those things foamed in ways no body of water should ever foam…

If at least one roommate self-termed or got termed, you might be a CP.

If not, good for you, you lucky dogs.

If you realize that “CP” actually stands for “closing personnel,” you might be a CP.

Extra-Magic hours made weekly schedules even more “magical.” Working until 4 am is always a blast.

If that 40 percent seasonal discount was used to purchase Christmas presents for everyone on your list, you might be a CP.

Hope my family doesn’t mind Disney-themed presents for the next three years.

If rice/pasta/ramen/peanut butter sandwiches constituted most of your diet, you might be a CP.

Even buying park food became a special treat. You can eat off those turkey legs for at least a month.

If you initially followed the group Facebook page but quickly grew tired of the constant postings, you might be a CP.

“Hey guys! I’m trying to sell/give away/get you on this creepy party bus/go to Universal/need a ride to WalMart. Anyone want to buy anything/come with me/give me a ride?”

If housing events were only attended for the free food, you might be a CP.

You also brought food home with you, hoping it would last until the end of the week.

If a Transtar bus incident made you late to work more than once, you might be a CP.

Literal definition of a “struggle bus.”

If “You’re from (insert state here)? Me too! We should totally hang out sometime!” was said more than once during your first week, you might be a CP.

By the end of the program, there’s a 95 percent chance you have no idea what happened to that person.

If the full timers at your location still didn’t know your name after four months of working, you might be a CP.

“Hey, Meagan, can you move these strollers around?” “My name is Shelby…” “…Really? You sure? Are you new?”

If you had no idea whether you’d survive training week, you might be a CP.

First week without your trainer: “I WON’T REMEMBER ANY OF THIS! I’M GOING TO GET TERMED MY FIRST DAY. Please, dear Lord, please don’t let anything break down.”  By the end of the program: “Psshhh… Need to evacuate the attraction? I’ve totally got this.”

If you made just as many international friends as American friends…

And hope to visit them all in their exotic home locales.

If you still love watching Disney movies despite working there…

(cough cough FROZEN cough cough)

If you got teary-eyed the final time you read “Thanks for making the Magic happen!” as you clocked out…

If you dread going back to the “real world” or your home university…

If you made countless memories you’ll cherish forever…

If you miss working for The Mouse…

You might be a Disney College Program participant or alumnus.

One thought on “You Might Be a CP…

  1. So true, all of it lol. We had 7 roommates over the 6 months so definitely saw the terming. And yeah, still have my last bumpout and the screen shot of “Thanks for Making the Magic Happen”.

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