Ten More Ways You Know You’re a Disney Cast Member

It seems I left out these gems from the first edition of “Ten Ways You Know You’re a Disney Cast Member.”

1) The Disney point is EVERYWHERE.

The two-finger point or the open-faced palm. Pick your poison. But pointing with one finger anymore is just impossible…

2) You notice what merchandise varies from store to store.

You can also tell what merch is Disney Store exclusive.

3) If you didn’t already speak another language, you’ve picked up phrases in another language to make your life a little bit easier. (And let’s be honest: if you work at WDW, those languages will probably be Spanish and Portuguese.)

“Es un show con effectos especiales.” “Los fuegos artificiales.” “Mira, el castillo!”

4) When you first start working for the company, people suddenly want to be some of your best friends.

Hmmm… That’s odd, especially since you haven’t seen each other since a mutual friend’s tenth birthday party.

5) You keep tabs on the other parks and get jealous when another park gains new attractions or refurbishments.

(Cough cough) Hong Kong and Tokyo (cough cough)

6) Land-specific handshakes or vocal cues are used outside of work in attempts to signal others.

I hiss at my family now. They’ll catch on eventually, right?

7) When asked by a Guest what time your workplace closes or opens, you use the phrase “We open/close at…”

“We.” As in Hollywood Studios and myself. Yes, we’re exclusive.

8) Pin-trading.

You’re either obsessed with trading, you’re forced to trade due to your role, or you don’t understand it at all.

9) It is okay to sing along with your park’s parade/fireworks show or store’s background music.

“Wiiiissshhheeeessss. Dream a dream. Wiiiisssshhhheeessss. Set ‘em freeeeee!” *jazz hands*

10) You actually read through this entire list, and if you haven’t read through the first list, you’re headed to read that post now.

I’m sure I’m still missing quirks, so leave comments! I loved reading everyone’s thoughts on the last post. Feel free to comment away!


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