All Things “FROZEN”

As it finally starts cooling down here in Orlando, the widely-anticipated FROZEN premier date draws nearer (okay, it’s widely anticipated if you’re me who has been anticipating this movie for nearly two years…).

Anna and Elsa dresses are now sold in the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique and in several merchandise locals throughout the parks. New clips keep popping up from Walt Disney Studios left and right, including Demi Lovato’s version of “Let it Go,” a song that will be sung by Idina Menzel’s Elsa in the film. This version will undoubtedly be a part of the ending credits.

But most importantly, the picture book has been released. Why am I freaking out over a kid’s picture book? THAT MEANS THEY HAVE REVEALED MORE OF THE PLOT THAN WITH ANY OF THE TRAILERS. Essentially, I spoiled the movie for myself when I read the book in Mouse Gears last night, but it was worth it.

So, with that being said, here’s what audiences can expect from FROZEN, according to what I remember from the picture book:


Of the two sisters, Elsa is the oldest and Anna is the youngest. Growing up, the girls were quite close, but the family had always realized Elsa had a power to control ice and snow and in the sunny kingdom of Arrendelle, snow was quite unheard of. One day while playing, Elsa accidentally hit Anna with a chunk of ice she couldn’t control. Anna was fine, according to a wise troll who said Elsa hadn’t hit Anna’s heart, just her head. The girls’ parents didn’t think it was okay, so they locked Elsa up and out of sight. Fast forward many years to Elsa’s coronation (and with it being a Disney movie, yes the parents have mysteriously disappeared somehow). Anna meets dashing Prince Hans at Elsa’s coronation and they fall in love. Hans asks Anna to marry him, but when Anna asks Elsa for permission, Elsa’s all “Girl, what are you thinking? You literally just met the guy. Cool your jets. You can’t marry him.” This causes Anna to be pretty upset, which causes Elsa to get more flustered, which causes Elsa to lose control of her powers. She bolts from the kingdom, ready to establish her own icy hideout. Anna, instantly feeling sorry, mounts a horse and sets off after her sister.

Just as most great Disney heroes/heroines when they set off on a horse, the horse gets lost along the way, leaving Anna stranded in the snow. She meets Kristoff, a mountain man with a moose-friend, and they set off together to find Elsa. Kristoff and Anna meet Olaf, a talking snowman who was created by Elsa. The three (four if you count the moose) set off and reach Elsa’s kingdom. Anna finally gets to Elsa’s palace and pleads with her sister to come back to the kingdom. Elsa isn’t convinced, believing she’ll just be locked up again like she was in her childhood. In a fit of frustration, Elsa loses control and hits Anna in the heart with ice (not piercing her heart, but it looks like a solid blow to the chest). Elsa throws Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf out of the kingdom and makes Super-Frosty-the-Snowman to guard her castle.

Anna and Kristoff consult the same wise troll from the beginning of the story, who tells them only an act of true love can bring Elsa back and save Anna, whose hair is slowly turning white due to Elsa’s hit to her heart. If nothing is done, says the troll, Anna will turn into a block of ice. Anna immediately thinks “Oh hey, Prince Hans! True love’s kiss! The traditional stuff! He can break this curse” and they set off to find him.

Meanwhile, Prince Hans finds his way to Elsa’s kingdom and begs her to return the kingdom to normal. She swears she can’t because she doesn’t know how to control her powers. In a moment of Elsa’s self-doubt, she is taken captive by Hans and his men and locked up.

When Anna returns to her palace, she begs Hans to kiss her and save the kingdom. He refuses, saying at this point, Elsa is better off dead and she cannot be saved. Anna is appalled and realizes Hans never loved her at all but only wanted to separate the sisters and gain power (I ain’t saying he a gold digger…). This causes Anna and Kristoff (who at this point is madly in love with Anna but only Olaf can see it) to scour the palace for Elsa. Hans goes to Elsa’s prison to tell her Anna is dead, frozen solid, and it’s all her fault. Elsa despairs and is ready to give up her life when BOOM Anna bursts through the door to block Hans’s sword. As his sword comes down, it shatters into tiny pieces because Anna has turned into a solid block of ice. Elsa, seeing this final act of courage and love, hugs her sister tightly to avoid any further blows from Hans.

That act of love breaks Anna’s curse and everything is happily ever after from there on out. I assume Anna and Kristoff get together and Elsa takes her place as rightful ruler of the kingdom.

Very little is said about Hans’s fate, and nothing was ever mentioned about the Duke (who I’m assuming is Hans’s father and mastermind behind all of this treachery). However, when the Tangled coloring book came out with the plot, very little was said about the depth of deception Mother Gothel used and the final sequence between Flynn/Gothel/Rapunzel was very vague. Needless to say, I was wrong in my plot predictions about most of the film.

That’s the beauty of Disney: once they think they’ve got you going in a pattern, they completely break the mold and leave you astounded. My excitement levels are off the charts.


2 thoughts on “All Things “FROZEN”

    1. I don’t think anyone really anticipated how huge this film was going to be, hence the poor merchandise planning on their part. However, given the movie’s recent Oscar win, I get a feeling they’re going to get their butts in gear, especially the Disney Store which uses different retailers than the stores at Disney parks and resorts. I know my friends working at MK’s Emporium and Epcot’s Mouse Gears said Frozen merch flew off the shelves.

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