I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my newsfeed to find Idina Menzel’s Facebook page posted this beauty. A NEW FROZEN TRAILER. Finally, WE GET MORE OF ELSA. Unlike the first trailer, this new one develops the internal struggle Elsa will deal with through the course of the movie. The movie doesn’t come out until next month and I already know I’m going to love both Anna and Elsa. (What is it with Menzel playing the misunderstood character? First Elphaba, now Elsa. Not like I’m complaining.)

It also features ANOTHER original song, sung by Kristen Bell. Is that some of Idina’s amazing voice I hear in the harmony? I think so!

And I still laughed at Olaf’s baby unicorn comment. Yup, he’ll be a really good supporting character.

Frozen merchandise is already being sold at the parks, especially Magic Kingdom. Facial characters will be greeting guests starting early next month. It’s getting hard to contain my excitement.

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