AVATAR Expansion Announcement

13 Oct

As most of you might already know, Disney unveiled their plan for Animal Kingdom’s AVATAR-themed world late Friday night at Japan’s D23 Expo. (No, not the airbending Avatar cartoon. The Avatar with the tall blue people.)

In a statement on the Disney Parks blog, Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walk Disney Parks and Resorts, said the company will be working closely with James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment to bring Pandora to life.

Newly revealed concept art for AVATAR expansion in WDW Animal Kingdom

Newly revealed concept art for AVATAR expansion in WDW Animal Kingdom


And speaking of bringing things to life, it was also announced the Tree of Life would be getting a facelift. As a part of the new nighttime “spectacular” planned for Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life will be getting lights.


Don’t hold your breath for Wishes-style fireworks, though. I don’t think they’ll be doing those ever due to the animals. There will also be a nighttime version of Kilamanjaro Safaris (I wonder how the animals feel about working later hours…).

In a comment, Staggs said the projected opening will be sometime in 2017. Best of luck to the Imagineers, because the concept art looks amazing!

Personally, this seems like an idea I should hate. What connection did Disney ever really have to Cameron’s AVATAR in the first place? But, looking at the concept art, I know I’ll be so giddy whenever they develop more. I’m sold.


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