New Disability Access Service (DAS) Card – UPDATE

5 Oct

As of October 9, Disney parks will implement a new system to service Guests with disabilities.

The new system works similarly to the current FastPass system. Guests wishing to receive a Disabilities card will still need to visit Guest Relations at the park entrance. They will explain their disabilities to be best assisted and receive a Disabilities Access Service (DAS) card. They can get their picture put on the card for identification purposes. The DAS card is good for a full 14 days; after that time, Guests will need to revisit Guest Relations to get a new card.

In terms of attractions, Guests with a DAS card will present it to a Cast Member at any attraction. They will then receive a wait time on their DAS card; this is similar to the times printed on a FastPass card. Whereas FastPasses give Guests a window of time to return, Guests with DAS cards can return to the attraction any time after the time listed.

Just like the FastPass system, only one attraction can be validated at a time. Once Guests return to the attraction at the time given, the Cast Member will cross out the wait time and load them onto the ride. It’s only after a CM has crossed out that attraction’s wait time that a Guest can take their DAS card to another attraction and have a new wait time put onto the card. And just like the current Guest Assistance Card policies, the Guest whose name is on the card must be present to ride the attraction. The services are non-transferrable; they simply can’t give their DAS card to their party and wait at the attraction’s exit.

Meg Crofton, president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations for the US and France, recently wrote a letter further explaining the company’s decision:

“…our current program for providing access to attractions for Guests with disabilities has been abused and exploited to such an extent that we are no longer able to effectively sustain it in its present form. After careful consideration, and with the needs of our Guests with disabilities as our foremost concern, we are modifying the current program so that we will be able ot continue to serve those Guests for whom the program is intended.”

See the full letter here.

As the program begins to be implemented, bugs will have to be fine-tuned. No program is perfect. But I have confidence that this program will be much more efficient than the current system, in addition to making all Guests’ time at Disney parks a little more magical.

More updates will follow as the DAS system kicks into full swing next week.



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