Epcot Food & Wine Festival

5 Oct

The culinary spectacle known as Food & Wine Festival is in full swing at Epcot, and this Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to visit for my very first time.

Everything I sampled was delicious. Absolutely delicious. The beauty of F&W is that you’re paying for a small sample, not a whole meal, so prices are much smaller than most Disney meals.

My favorite countries were Greece, Ireland, and Australia for their overall atmosphere.

I sampled the Greek gyro, Irish chocolate pudding with Bailey’s cream sauce, Japan’s California roll, and Africa’s spinach and paneer cheese pocket. And, while I am still under-age and cannot partake of the alcoholic beverages served at F&W, I can say they all looked and smelled delicious. France is offering a Sparkling Pomegranate Kir and it smells amazing. Of course, Ireland doles out the pints of Guinness more than they do their Fisherman’s Pie; naturally, it made me homesick for my study abroad experience last semester (*sigh*).

When I go back to Epcot, I’m trying the Canadian cheese soup. It’s received rave reviews from my friends. Also, everything sold in Italy looked fresh, and I’m not one to pass on good Italian food.

There are only a few things I wish Epcot included for F&W. Where was the Indian food? Where are the delicious curries? I get a feeling Indian food would be a huge hit at F&W if given the chance.

I also couldn’t comprehend why the entire continent of Africa had one booth with two food options, and the states of Hawai’i and Florida both had large booths with more options. Come on, Epcot. I know for a fact Egyptian food and Kenyan food are completely different. Don’t just clump the continent together and say “Meh, Africa has part of Animal Kingdom… That’s enough.”

Overall, I had a great time at my first Food & Wine festival. I cannot wait to go back and sample more food.

What do you look forward to most about Food & Wine? Leave comments below.


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