FROZEN Trailer Review

1 Oct

(This review comes delayed thanks to a hectic work schedule and the need for sleep due to illness. I apologize for not getting this out faster. But enough with the apologies and on to the important stuff.)


At last count, I’d viewed it somewhere in the eleventy-bazillion-times range. I love it. Every time I watch it, I discover at little bit more.

Here are some of my thoughts about the trailer.

1) WHERE WAS IDINA’S GOLDEN VOICE IN THE TRAILER? We all know she’s Elsa. Why didn’t she speak? I’m only slightly heartbroken about that. I get what they’re going for: setting up Elsa as the villain by not letting her speak in the trailer so another character can take you by surprise as the dastardly antagonist. My guess is on Alan Tudyk’s character, who plays the Duke (and who we only got brief glimpses of in the trailer). Tudyk voiced King Candy in last year’s Wreck-It-Ralph, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned as another villain.

2) What is it with Disney and movie titles recently? It’s like they all sat around in the board room before Tangled and said “Look, Princess and the Frog was way too obvious. We need to make them more mysterious titles. How can we do that?” Adjectives. All the adjectives.

3) It looks like Disney is exploring the dichotomy of men with Frozen, which makes me happy. You’ve got the classy, beautiful prince (who causes Anna to stumble over her words in the trailer); on the other hand, you have the rugged adventurer. Both those character types have sold well for Disney. The classy, beautiful princes are a Disney staple (how you doin’, Prince Phillip). After the success of Flynn Rider’s character, Disney seems to be extending the trend of the rugged adventure instead of the courtly prince. Which brings me to my next point…

4) Jonathan Groff is FINALLY a male Disney lead. Now, if only they can throw Matt Bomer or Aaron Tveit into the mix on an upcoming animated film…

5) No, I don’t think the animation looks too similar to Tangled. No, I’m not upset it’s not hand-drawn animation. It was originally supposed to be hand-drawn, but when they returned to the story post-Princess and the Frog, that style just wasn’t giving animators the flexibility they needed. Also, saying Anna and Elsa look too similar to Rapunzel is unfair to the animators. By that token, I can say all non-ethnic Disney princesses look just about the same. Big eyes, same facial structures, nearly identical body styles. That’s how Disney animation has always been; it’s not a recent occurrence. And don’t try and tell me computer animation is somehow “less artistic” than the hand-drawn creations. Just look at the detailed hand-painted backgrounds for Frozen or Tangled. Those are gorgeous and intricate. It’s also important to keep in mind that CG and hand-drawn characters are animated by the same artists. Glen Keane is the mastermind behind the Beast and Rapunzel. There are no “lesser talents” taking over, I promise.

6) Olaf the Snowman is going to be the best part of this movie. I’m calling it. That “It’s like a baby unicorn…” line still makes me guffaw.

7) The American trailer isn’t nearly as exciting as the Japanese and French trailer (which debuted almost three months before the US trailer came out. No fair.)

Those are all the major things popping out right now. I’m sure as I watch the video another hundred times, new things will need to be added to the list.

What struck you the most about the trailer? Excited yet? Thinking about passing on this Disney movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


2 Responses to “FROZEN Trailer Review”

  1. Natalie October 1, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Regarding point 2: I read somewhere (but I’m getting old and can’t remember where) that they made the decision to go with the title Tangled after the Princess and the Frog failed to attract the audience of previous Disney Princess movies. I believe the thought behind it was that an amorphous adjective would be more appealing to BOTH girls and boy, instead of the name Rapunzel…and now we see that they have done the same thing with Frozen.

    • shelbyrogers October 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

      You’re right. That’s also why the teaser trailers for “Tangled” were more Rider-focused than Rapunzel-focused. It still cracks me up, though. That must be a challenge for them. “How are we going to summarize the new movie in one word?” Pre-“Little Mermaid” they had the problem with being too descriptive in their titles. A lot of animators hated the title of “The Great Mouse Detective” because it gave too much away. haha They even made a Jeopardy category out of it.

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